A distinctive looking insect with its bright green body,long darkish brown head and protruding pincer like fore legs.It is commonly found in good numbers in our South Island back-country rivers and streams especially along the bouldery slower flowing edges.The free living green caddis is a very important insect and makes up a large proportion of our New Zealand trout's diet.

Above a nice fat rainbow that took a lightly weightly Green caddis nymph in some fast water.I have also had great results in still-water situations,fishing it under a dry fly to cruising fish that are feeding on the naturals off the bottom.

Below is a picture of Manics Korbays caddis a great pattern and one that has taken many fish over the past couple seasons.Either fished on its own(it is lightly weighted)dead drift in the shallows or tied on as a dropper behind a "bomb"to get the nymph down into the fishy zone where trout may be holding much deeper and not visible to the angler.

A premo nymph pattern to have in the fly box for any visiting fly fisherman or woman !