Paul Macandrew of Aspiring Fly Fishing offers guided New Zealand fly fishing adventures in the Wanaka and surrounding regions.  Featured below are some video highlights of clients from the past couple of seasons.

Alan hooking a good brown trout on a beautiful stretch of back country river in the South Island of New Zealand, on a large cicada dry fly pattern.
Robbie casting to a rising fish on a cooler overcast day last March. lots of dry fly action this particular day with a dozen or so nice browns to the net.
Great fun sitting and watching a large brown trout feeding on emerging may flies in a small spring creek that flows through pastural land in the South Island of New Zealand.
Als first cast to a big brown trout that was feeding off the surface in against the edge,nothing like fly fishing in the South Island of New Zealand's back country rivers and streams.
Al casting a large cicada pattern to a feeding trout in a tricky spot,after a couple of short casts he nails the perfect one with the fish then eating his fly off the top.
Kurto casting to a large rainbow the eats his dry fly first cast.