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My trip to New Zealand in 2013 was the trip of a lifetime. That was thanks to Paul Macandrew. I fished five days with Paul and wish I could have fished five more. (I will fish many more trips in the future). I fished all types of water with Paul and I was on big fish every day. Paul was able to maximise my fly fishing abilities and teach me a few new tricks at the same time. Paul will get you on the fish!
Bottom line is Paul is everything a guide should be. His positive attitude, patience and knowledge are priceless. Tight lines!
— Alan Christy, Boise, Idaho, USA
fly fishing Queenstown
Paul is a fantastic guide. I fished with Paul in February 2011 when the lakes around Wanaka were at record levels and the rivers were running high and discolored. Paul managed to find fish despite these tough conditions and we had a memorable time on the water sightcasting to trophy browns around the lakes edges and backwaters.
— Kelvin Ng, Hong Kong
From the time he picked me up -on time to the minute - until he dropped me off at my hotel at the end of the day, Paul was a delight to be with. It was like fishing with a very knowledgeable friend. With his guidance, I landed one of the browns the Mataura River is known for worldwide. It was 5+ pounds.
— Chuck Pearson, USA
fly fishing queenstown
Hi Paul,
Just wanted to thank you again and let you know how great a time Kate and I had fishing with you. That Big Brown we landed will be in my memory forever(as will the enormous one I snapped off but that’s part of the game) as will the entire day on the water.
— Jared Auerbach, Boston U.S.A.
Hi Paul Thanks so much for a great days fly fishing, Dad and I really enjoyed it ,it was a thrill to have caught that big brown on the cicada something I will remember for a long time! Many thanks
— Angus McGuire
New Zealand is already starting to seem like a dream. Thanks for all yourhard work and extra effort that helped make it a truly wonderful experiencein every way. The 3 days we fished with you were amazing,even the rainy wet ones!we learnta heap about fishing to the wily NZ browns and look forward to returning again sometime soon to NZ and fishing with you again.
— Ben Blackwell, California USA
New Zealand trout fishing
Thanks so much for the epic days fishing,it was amazing watching those big browns smash our dry flies! I will practice not striking so hard on the take for the next time! I look forward to fishing with you again sometime soon,thanks again
— Rick Podermos, United States
Franz with his first fish of the day on the Mataura river in Southland New Zealand.

Franz with his first fish of the day on the Mataura river in Southland New Zealand.

Spent a day with Paul on the Mataura river in the Southland region of New Zealand fly fishing back in February. Had a fantastic time stalking the water, quietly strategizing with Paul on how to approach fish he'd spotted laid up in holes, riffles, and behind rocks and sunken logs. With his guidance, I landed a number of beautiful browns, including one that I'll not forget any time soon. Best of all, didn't throw a nymph all day - all dries.

To me, a really good guide gives you the confidence and encouragement to push your skill and go for a fish you thought too protected by brush or across too many odd currents. When you actually hook one of those fish, it's highly satisfying. Paul got me into a number of these situations, and man, it really made the day stand out.

Paul has all the qualities of a great fly-fishing guide. Enthusiastic, knowledgeable, and easily one of the most personable individuals I ran into during my month in New Zealand (and everyone is friendly). But one of the things that really sets him apart is his adaptability. Rivers and lakes change, often day-to-day, with the fishing conditions shifting as well. With how well Paul knows the area, he caters each day's destination towards the conditions. He's constantly got an eye on the weather, so that you don't get stuck casting into the wind all day (of course, in NZ, some days are going to be rough and unpredictable everywhere). A lot of guides would grind their teeth and shake their heads if you told them they had to take people out on a different river every day. Not with Paul. He knows how to find fish, no matter the water. That's a natural fly-fisherman for you. And that's exactly the kind of guide you want.

Franz B USA