What weight fly rod should I bring to NZ?

Anything from a #5 weight through to a #8 weight rod will cover most situations in NZ. A #6 weight rod would be the most popular used.

Are there fishing opportunities through the winter months?

Yes we have several great options for fishing during the winter months. River and stream mouths flowing into the Lakes are very productive with egg patterns and large streamers. We also have several river options which i like to fish with a Switch rod and big articulated steamers.


Will you take beginners fly fishing?

Certainly, some clients I have taken fly fishing before have never cast a fly rod. I am more than happy to spend as much time needed with each individual, helping them with the basic casting techniques and sharing my knowledge of the sport, this is an important part of being a guide. One of my greatest pleasures is to help a client new to the sport to hook their first trout on a fly rod.


When does the fishing season start in New Zealand?

The lowland streams all open on the 1st October with the back country rivers opening on the 1st NOVEMBER. The Southern Lakes are open all year round for fishing with some great options if your here during this time and interested in a days fishing.

What is New Zealands climate like?

Temperate, but clearly defined seasons. Snow on the mountains in the winter, hot summers . winter lows of around -5c on frosty mornings. Summer days averaging around 22-25c. We can experience unseasonal weather at any time of the year with summer being no exception, so bring some wet weather gear with you.

Do I need a fishing licence

Yes you need a fishing licence to fish in all freshwater fisheries in NZ, these can be purchased online or once you arrive in NZ at most sports stores and retailers specialising in fishing and the outdoors.

Can I bring my own fishing gear to New Zealand?

Yes, we recommend you bring your own gear to NZ where possible. Using your own fishing equipment gives you added confidence.