Fly Fish New Zealand with Honeymooners Andrew and Christie

A super fun day with honeymooners Andy and Christie today. the weather was stunning (despite the fresh snow on the hills that fell overnight making for a cold frosty start !) no wind and with the temperature around the late twenties you couldn't have asked for a better day ! We arranged to meet at the Frankton BP at 7.30am as the guys had a camper-van they were traveling around the country in and had no fixed abode from which to pick them up from. We arrived at our chosen river to find another guide and his client setting up their fly rods and preparing the rest of their gear for the day, so we moved on to plan B, we guides always have a plan A,B,C,D,E ! We arrived to find the next access free so geared up and headed down to the river. We found a fish swaying in the first run we came to and Andrew was first up, a well placed cast drifted down towards the fish who promptly bolted for cover....hmmmmm not a good start. The next pool we approached had 3 fish in it jostling for the best feeding position, Andrew got into position and laid out a beautiful cast just to the left of the of the closest fish to us who eagerly drifted across and ate his on ! After a quick fight we had a stunning 5lb fish in the net ! We continued upstream where we found a good fish sitting just under an overhanging willow branch in the foam-line rising ,we quickly tied on a # 14 parachute style dry fly with a small #18 willow grub imitation trailing it by 30cm, a perfect cast just to the side of the rising fish who happily drifted over and took the willow grub.... boom ! Andrew was on again, albeit only briefly as he struck too hard and broke the fish off.

Girl power !

Several more fish were hooked throughout the course of the day with Christie also getting in on the action hooking a nice fish but unfortunately they all came unstuck or broke us off on snags. Andrews dream had been to fly fish whilst here in New Zealand and to land a wild New Zealand brown trout which he managed to do today, safe travels guys and hope to see you back here again in the future.