Back Country Fly Fishing With My Son - Part 1

I recently had a 2 day camp out fly fishing / hunting trip away with my son Louie .
 I arrived home from a days guiding and we packed my truck and headed for the back country for some fly fishing and a spot of rabbit shooting ! The first day we hit a small tributary of larger South Island back country stream one that held both Brown trout and rainbow trout in the 3-6lb range. The days was slightly overcast but warm and balmy with a few mayflies lifting off the surface of the first pool we came to , Louie was up first and cast his dry fly to the first fish that was sitting in the tail of a pool, it rose and snaffled his para Adams ..Louie waited and lifted into the fish ! whuch proceeded to tear up the pool and through the rapids into the next run , the chase was on ! After a good 5 min battle the fish was subdued and Dad (Me) slipped the net safely under a solid 5.5lb rainbow trout ! Louie's new PB rainbow trout !

Lots of high fives and hooting then a quick photo and the fish was off , now it was Dads turn , we proceeded up to the next run which unfortunately had been disturbed by Louie's fish so we continued on up stream to a large back water that had 2 nice brown trout cruising around it. I had a para Adams dry fly attached with a small weighted nymph tied on underneath andcast it well ahead of the first trout that came into view...the fish ignored it and continued on its beat , so I changed to a Blowfly dry and took off the dropper then cast it just ahead of the same fish which proceeded to lift slowly and suck in my fly ...Boom !!! I was on....only briefly as the fish headed straight for the nearest sunken log breaking itself free ....much to Louie's amusement ! I put my fly rod away shortly afterwards and decided to focus on Louie and his casting /stream craft for the remainder of the day.

He ended up landing 4 fish for the day 2 rainbow trout and 2 brown trout between 4lb and 7lb a cracker of a first day together and one I will cherish for ever !