Brown Trout On The Move Late Season

After a busy guide season I finally had a chance to catch up with a good mate. Trev had the day free and it had been a few months since we had had a chance to fish together. We decided to head into a small tributary of a local back country stream hoping to catch some migrating browns heading to their spawning grounds. April and May are great months to target these larger fish as they move up from our Southern Lakes into the rivers and streams begin spawnig. We headed off early morning and and after an hours drive geared up andheaded straight to the confluence pool where we spotted several large fish holding deep on the bottom. These fish were very spooky and before long had headed upstream into a fast piece of water to take refuge...bugger 1 nil to the fish !

Below is Trev hooked up on a solid brown trout on his recently built nude Epic 580 glass fly rod , a beautiful rod of which I have also but in olive and I enjoy using on smaller rivers and streams.

The river had recently had a fresh and was carrying a fair bit of water making crossing a bit tricky in places. We proceeded to head upstream where we found plenty of fish holding in the shallower-slower side braids , some fish were beginning to pair up and were more interested in each other than any of our offerings ! But now and then one would move and with out hesitating eat our flies. We ended the day with several good browns and couple of rainbows to the net , so a good day with a mate on a beautiful piece of water.