Clearing After Heavy Rain

Jack contacted meyesterday about doing a days fly fishing whilst here was here on his Honeymoon. We had just received 4 days of torrential rain so most rivers were high and discolored . I chose a local river that usually cleared quickly after heavy rain and off we went . We pulled off the main road and into the 4wd track and proceeded to drive along the rough road for a kilometer before pulling up alongside a swollen but relatively clear stream . We got our gear on and headed downstream for a few kms then turned around and started to fish back towards my truck . We found the first couple of fish holding deep but moving about ,swaying from side to side feeding which was encouraging . Heavy Double Beaded Tungsten nymphs with a smaller nymph trailing off the back did the trick on the first 2 fish which ate Jacks fly without hesitation but due to a slow strike both came unstuck . The 3rd fish we came across again was sitting deep in a rather swift moving pool with a tricky current,  a pool that required a large mend of his fly line in order to get the correct drag free drift and to get his flies to sink quick enough and get into the fishes feeding zone . After several attempts he got it all right and the fish moved a couple of feet and intercepted his flies , Jack struck , tightened up on the fish and he was on ! After a good 5 minute tug of war I managed to reach out and slip the net under a nice 5lb silver bullet of a rainbow trout . Well done mate !