Fly Fishing New Zealand For Sea Run Trout

This past weekend a few mates and I headed to the South Westland region of the South Island for our annual weekend of fly fishing for sea run trout. Day one saw the weather grayish and cool with a slight breeze blowing in a northerly direction. We arrived at the first river mouth just on the turn off the tide as it was on its way in , two of us climbed into kayaks and headed around the estuary to the opposite bank of the river mouth to spread out a little and give each other a fair amount of fish-able water for the day.

Heavy tippets are required to play these fish as once hooked they will take advantage of any currents or wave action.

Jeremy with a thumper of a fish that put up an epic fight , these fish will put on even more condition over the next few months as they gorge themselves on the white bait that will begin to move into rivers and streams of the West Coast region.

Santillan's first sea run fish of the trip , dozens of birds were dive bombing the surface of the ocean picking up bait fish about 10-15m out from where we were fishing and occasionally a large splashy swirl was seen just on the surface ........a sure sign that sea run trout were about.

It nevers pays to take your eyes of the ocean especially as the tide is turning , waves rogue waves can catch you out and bowl you over very easily always where your wading belt !

Quite often Kahawai will come right in to the river mouth it self, these fish are awesome fun on fly rods and are great sport once hooked. All up a fun couple of days in a spectacular part of the country with a good bunch of blokes.