Stalking Brown Trout On Lake Wanaka

A fun day of stalking cruising brown trout along the edges of Lake Wanaka with a good mate today. The day started off beautiful and warm but by mid morning a little breeze from the NW had crept up along with some high cloud making spotting difficult at times.

A nice fish that chased down my bully pattern imitation in the shallows , it had several charges and misses at my fly before eventually committing and nailing it !

A beautiful stretch of lake edge that was partially sheltered from the NW , this stretch produced the most hook ups for the day. It was perfect as it had a stony bottom that stretched out over to a weed bed and then over a deep drop off. I watched several fish cruise in from the deeper water onto the weed beds to then chase bullies along the stony bottom almost beaching themselves in the shallows as the bullies dashed for the shelter of the shallow edges !

A fine South Island still-water brown trout that chased down and ate a bully imitation right at my feet !