Fly Fishing With My Kids | New Zealand Fly Fishing Guide

Well its school holiday time here in New Zealand and many of our rivers have just opened for the season. Mum's at work so dads got the kids so what better way to fill in the day than take them fly fishing ! Louie has been fly fishing for about 3 years now and Charlotte had her first day today which was cool. We hit a small stream nearby and explored its lower reaches. Not lots of fish but just enough to keep us all entertained :)

louie and charlotte.jpg

The first rainbow trout unfortunately came unstuck a few seconds after eating our fly, but we found another just above in the next pool which after a good fight Louie expertly guided into the net. Unfortunately not long after this photo was taken Charlotte slipped over whilst crossing the stream and went completely under so we headed for home. Fun times and time that I treasure...the stuff memories are made of and I'm sure the kids will remember in the years to come.

louie and charlotte 2.jpg