Denver Outfitters Rod Vault | Fly Fish New Zealand


After years of transporting my client’s rods inside the truck, the Rod Vault roof-top fly rod holder seemed just the answer. I rang Kevin the New Zealand agent and placed an order for one and it arrived from Christchurch 2 days later.

Assembly and mounting was straight forward once you’ve found the position on your roof rack that allows your boot lid to open safely.

There’s no denying the build quality. The tubes are made of aircraft-grade aluminum and the mounts and fittings give the whole thing a solid and quality feel. Even the clamp that holds the tube sections together is a work of art.

The Rod Vault can take three rods up to 10’ long and reels up to 4” diameter. The reel cover is lockable, and you can even padlock your Rod Vault to your roof rack so your gear is safe and sound. The soft plastic tube inserts are also a thoughtful touch.

Breaking rod tips in the car doors and snagging flies on the upholstery are now a thing of the past and the extra space in the vehicle is great for those multi-day trips when things can get messy.

rod vault.jpg

A$899 (NZ$949) it’s likely to be one of your more significant purchases but it is built to last. If you want proof - just try to find a second hand one.

Whether you are a professional guide like me or a keen angler, this great piece of kit comes highly recommended.

The Rod Vault is available in Australia and NZ from