CDC Emergers On The Mataura River

I recently placed an order with the Fishermans Loft in Christchurch for some Polish Quills for tying up some emerger patterns. There are approximately 25 per packet and they come in many different colours. I chose the orange and red ones for tying up some Deleatidium mayfly emerger's. As for the Canard or CDC feathers they were given to me by a mate whose a mad keen Southland duck shooter. The feathers grow near a duck's preen gland, just in front of the tail. They are fluffy, wispy, and float very well due to the natural oils found in them . It is a very simple fly to tie and has been a great fly this past couple of months on the Mataura river in the Southland region of New Zealand.

Hook : Kamasan B110 #12-1

Body : Polish Quill in Red or Orange.

Wing : CDC feathers

Thread : Black 6/0

Tail : Clear paint brush bristles

Super Glue : A thin coat over quill body helps protect the quills from trouts teeth !

If fishing this fly in faster moving water and in the foam line I tie it behind a Hi Viz #12-16 Parachute style fly so as you can see it easier. If fish are in the slower moving -slicker-glassier pools and you don't want to spook fish with the bigger indicator fly I generally fish it on its own with a long fine leader of around 12-15 feet. The fish in the below picture was my last fish for the 2016-17 season taken in super calm - glassy conditions, this fish was cruising around the pool sipping down emergers.