Coldest Day Of The Year So Far Fishing

had a spare half day to myself with no commitments other than doing a few jobs down town such as renewing car rego's and posting some mail so I decided to head out to swing some flies on my double handed rod. The day was cool...actually it was bloody freezing ! The mercury was sitting on -1 on our weather station at home so wrapping up was going to be the name of game today. I headed down to a small local tributary of the Clutha river that is open all year round and can hold some good fish in certain sections at times of year. Id been for a bike ride early the week before and seen several large smudges sitting mid stream in a section of river that was easily accessible so decided to try my luck there first. As luck would have one of the smudges was still sitting right where id seen it a week earlier so it was game on. I tied on a favorite unweighted streamer and proceeded to to carefully make my way into position . I started with a short cast first then proceeded to lengthen each cast so as to let my fly swing directly in front of the fish and lift hoping to get its full attention and entice a take. On the 4th cast the fish hit my fly hard to which it then then turned and bolted down stream into a fast bouldary piece of water and pulled the hook ... FISH 1 - PAUL 0 .

I continued to fish for another hour with one nice rainbow trout making it to the net , but slowly I lost the feeling in my fingers and toes and decided to retire home for a hot coffee and tie some flies !