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I recently purchased a Tacky Fly Fishing Box from Stu's Fly Shop in Athol as my emerger/dry fly box had just given up the ghost . I was instantly impressed with the quality and durability of them and have since bought several more for both my streamers and heavier weighted tungsten nymphs.

tacky fly box.jpg


Below are a few of the reasons why I think they are quite possibly the best fly box on the market at present and nothing really comes close in my opinion. Its silicone slit storage system holds flies like no other fly box I have ever owned , no more opening of your fly box to find all the heavier tungsten weighted nymphs rolling around freely inside.

                                  SIMPLY THE BEST !

  • Holds your heavier weighted nymphs in tight preventing them from falling out and rolling around your fly box.
  • Light blue in colour, great contrast for choosing smaller flies.
  • Super slim poly-carbonate box that fits comfortably into your vest not making your vest feel bulky and uncomfortable..
  • Silicone slit design that easily holds 160+ flies tightly in place.
  • Easy to open light magnetic clear lid.
  • Comes in a variety of sizes to cover all your fly patterns.
  • Super durable and able to withstand extremes in temperature.