Getting Into the Swing Of Things | Fly Fish New Zealand

Im still relatively new to the double hander fly fishing scene and am learning more and more each time I venture out. I have really begun to realise the importance of the speed of the fly as it swings across the current and into the view of a fish. Fishing over the winter months here in Central Otago region on the bigger rivers such as the Clutha and Makarora usually means targeting migratory fish, fish that aren't usually actively searching for food. For this reason it is important to get the flies in their faces and most hits are more out of aggression than hunger, so getting your fly down and having it swing at the correct speed becomes very important. Below are a few ways in which you can slow down the swing of the fly making it look more appealing and keep it in there faces for longer !

  • Change your casting angle, cast slightly more downstream (parallel to the direction of the current)as opposed to straight across the stream.
  • Mending your line is a very effective way to slow your line down,  the process of re-positioning your fly line after it's cast will help in slowing your fly line big time.
  • Carefully wading a few feet further out into the stream and simply changing the distance between your self and the fly will change the speed at which the fly will swing. 
  • Remember the fly line is anchored to the tip of your rod, so adjusting the tip and reaching out towards the centre of the stream will put your line another 10-12 ft out from your standing position.
  • Another handy tip is as your fly line begins to swing follow it with your rod tip, tracking the fly line right through until the flies are hanging in the current below you again keeping your fly in the bingo zone for longer.