Stroft ABR Tippet Review

The past couple of seasons Ive been using Stroft ABR which is produced in Germany as my go to day to day tippet whilst guiding. I find it works great for nymphing, dry fly and streamer fishing as its more abrasion resistance and slightly stiffer than other brands Ive tried.. The abbreviation "ABR" stands for Abrasion Resistance, which is gained through a variety of heat & pressure treatments. Stroft ABR has the same strength characteristics as Stroft  GTM but is made from a more abrasion resistant material - It is slightly stiffer and harder than Stroft GTM (soft and more supple) making it an excellent choice for turning over bigger nymphs and dries. A couple of times over the past season clients have had small wind knots in their Stroft tippet and have landed several fish before refreshing it, which just goes to show it's quality and strength ! Stroft ABR and GTM are absolutely unrivaled for strength vs diameter and are perfect for our back country rivers and streams here in NZ.

STROFT Image.jpg
  • 50m , 100m , 200m spools so very convenient sizing.
  • High resistant at knots.
  • Monofilament-Polyamide type of material used,30% stronger than some other popular high-strength nylons.
  • Light brown transparent in colour which works well in many of our NZ rivers and streams.
  • Optimized for dry fly, nymph and streamer fishing.
  • Siliconed smooth surface
  • Every monofil spool comes with a soft foam light protection ring.

If you haven't tried it yet give it a go ... you wont be disappointed  !