Clutha River Fly Fishing | Winter Trout Fishing

Ive been really lucky over the winter months to get out for a swing most days, sometimes if only for an hour so. The trout fishing to date has been pretty bloody good with only a couple of days when we didn't put a fish in the net. The fish have been in superb condition with a couple of heavy weight rainbow trout being landed over the past couple of months, one which tipped the scales bang on 10lb and the other a couple of days ago that was 8.5lbs !

trophy trout from Clutha.jpg

All have been taken whilst swinging intruder style streamers on my new Epic 7130 carbon Spey rod using the Scientific Anglers Freight-liner skagit line with a custom cut T10 -12ft sink tip. The beauty of this line set up is that allows you too get deep quickly to where many of the bigger fish have been holding this winter.

Clutha August 2018.jpg

As for the flies I've been swinging they've varied greatly in size and colour from brighter "blingy" rubber legged style patterns, to more subtle natural coloured smaller patterns depending the flow and colour of the water.

bow from Clutha 2018.jpg

Ive thoroughly enjoyed the trout fishing over winter months on the Clutha river this year and now find my focus shifting towards the opening of the new 2018/19 trout season here in New Zealand on the 1st of October ! I still have some good dates available for the coming season so feel free to contact me if your interested in a day/s guiding this coming season.