Streamers for the Coming Winter Months

I got back to the vise recently to begin tying some streamers for the coming winter.A change from tying small #12-18 nymphs and dries ,a time to experiment with different products and materials that i have been sent by friends from overseas or have just had laying about in my fly tying draws for ever and not gotten around to using.

articulated streamer.jpg

Above are a few of the streamers I have tied recently,lots of different colours with plenty of movement and action in all of them.

A large South Island back country trout taken on an articulated streamer,the river this day was slightly up and coloured so bigger streamers with a little flash/bling grabbed the attention of fish.Mainly I use Barred Magnum rabbit strips and Marabou for the bodies as it has the most movement/action and is fairly durable,some times flashabou and rubber legs are tied in again great for high-swollen coloured water.

fly fishing Queenstown over the winter months

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