The New Zealand Blowfly

The Blowfly or "Blowie " as it is commonly known here in NZ is a favourite dry fly pattern used here by anglers during the summer time .The adult fly is usually shiny with metallic colouring,often with blue,green or black thoraxes and abdomen.


The female blowfly typically lays her eggs on the cacasses of dead animals  ,the eggs hatch quickly and the maggots begin to feed on the decaying flesh.In the warmer summer months the larval growth can be complete within a week.They then burrow into the ground and pupate,emerging as adults a short time later.


 A typical large Blowfly, very common here in NZ during the warmer summer months,a bushy hackled #10-#14 blowfly pattern imitates them perfectly,a great fly to use on streams near paddocks with livestock as there is always plenty of them to be found nearby .Below are some high floating foam versions of the "Blowie" great fished on its own but also works well as an indicator fly and will support a well weighted nymph underneath  .I carry them in sizes #10 -#14.


Robbie with a solid lowland brown trout that didn't hesitate to take his blow fly pattern first drift.


 New Zealand trout fishing at it's best !



A good fish that nosed the dry as it drifted downstream ,swimming under several times just feeling it out before gulping it down  


Ross with a wee fatty ,another blowfly muncher !



Another nice fish about to be netted that took a Blowfly in a small South Island back country stream . This particular day the fish were locked in on blowies almost exclusively,turning down pretty much every other dry fly pattern we threw at them!


A great fly to use on high country lakes mid summer, it really is the most versatile dry fly for the summertime and accounts for a lot of fish for clients and myself over the course of the season here in New Zealand.So a must for any visiting anglers fly-box !

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