Last Booked Day Of Guiding For 2015/16 With Jerry

Wow what an amazing New Zealand fly fishing season its been !
 Lots of repeat clients as well as lots of new folks. My last booked day of guiding for the 2015/16 season was with Jerry, a relative newby to fly fishing who was here with his wife for 2 weeks of sight seeing and a little fly fishing.

We headed off early to small local stream not to far from Wanaka that holds some good fish. The wind was blowing pretty strong by the time we reached the river and the cloud had begun to roll in , so spotting was not going to be easy ! After a little work on his casting technique to help battle the windy conditions we were going to have to deal with through out the day we headed upstream in search of fish. The first couple of fish we found were happily feeding in a run and Jerry managed to hook one of them only to have it bolt for the nearest undercut bank and snap him off. We continued upstream wherehe managed to fool another 3 fish with one making it to the net !

A great day on the water with a top bloke ,safe travels and enjoy the rest of your time here in New Zealand.

Cheers Paul