A Favourite Emerger Pattern

Over the past couple of seasons I have played around with several different emerger patterns , both for my own fly fishing and also for my clients. The first is a very basic para-style tie , with a body dubbed in brown or Adams gray CDC dubbing , micro fibre tails , custom dyed brown grizzly hackle and bright orange polypropylene sight post ,as for hook choice either a curved style such as a Kamasan B110 in sizes 14-18 or another I like to use is the Tiemco TMC 100 Dry Fly hook as it has a slightly wider gape and increased wire strength in smaller sizes which makes this a popular hook for tying small emergers . I like this emerger tie as the body takes on a very slim profile once wet and sits lower in the film line like the natural .

This wee number has accounted for plenty of fish for both myself and clients over the past couple of seasons . A fly I carry in sizes #14-18 in my box and would never be without especially when down on the Mataura river in the Southland region.