Dobson Fly Nymph or Toe-biter | New Zealand Trout Food

The Dobson fly (Archichauliodes diversus )or Toe-biter nymph has become a very important fly pattern in my fly box come early season. This large predatory native insect is found through out New Zealand's more hard bottomed , stony rivers and streams and can be found in their larger bouldery sections. Dobson fly larvae are typically 25-38mm mm long and have a black, flattened thorax and head. The head has a large set of serrated mandibles that it uses to catch other aquatic invertebrates which may include most species of mayfly, caddis and each other ! It has 8 tentacle like gills on each side of it's abdomen and 2 hook like legs near it's tail which it uses to attach itself to rocks and hold onto it's prey.

toe biter 1.JPG
toe biter 2.JPG
toe biter 3.JPG

The below Dobson fly or Toe-biter nymph pattern has proved it's worth time and time again during the early stages of the season, especially after heavy rain has fallen. I tie it both weighted and unweighted and in sizes #4-#10 and fish it on it's own along the shallow bouldery edges or tied on behind a Tungsten bomb if I need to get it down in deeper faster water.

dobson fly or toebiter nymph.jpg

Well the new season is almost here and I'm starting to get excited ! I still have a few days free each month if your looking for any guided days so feel free to contact me at any stage.

Tightlines !