Fathers Day Fish For Me | Fly Fish New Zealand

After a scrumptious breakfast of bacon and eggs cooked by my two wonderful children I headed off for a lake edge fish whilst the kids and their mum went up to Cardrona ski field for the day to ski so a win win !

I decided to head to Lake Hawea and wander around the rocky out crops and along the shallow bays hoping to see a few early spring time cruisers.

the neck.jpg

Super calm-clear conditions at "The Neck" on Lake Hawea made fish a bit spooky today. They shied away from bigger flies like woolly buggers,dragon fly nymphs and damsels . A pair of small lightly weighted soft hackle nymphs cast well ahead of foraging trout and twitched as the fish approached accounted for 3 fat brownies. Lake Hawea is currently very low and many of its bays are extremely shallow with lots of little sandy islands popping up every where !

the neck 2.jpg

Great to see so many fathers , sons and grand dads out there fly fishing today on Father's Day .I hope all you dads out there enjoyed your day !